Advent Reflection for Christmas 25 December 2014

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Advent Reflection for Christmas 

25 December 2014

Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

John 1:14

Today we celebrate Christmas, a day of celebration of joy and happiness for all the people of good will, especially for those who recognized that Jesus is the new universal and sacred way, God is offered into our world.


The prologue of the Gospel of John proposes for our reflection, a hymn to the VERB, WORD of God, to the truth, to the light, which is Jesus himself, who has a descending dynamic. In the beginning is the WORD, a facet of God, and She made all things. It is the pre-existent WORD, beside God and before all time.


This WORD, which is also Jesus, makes his dwelling among us, becomes flesh, assumes the human condition, becomes one of us, and through him, we experience God. It is through this Light, that is Jesus, that his disciples did not receive mere introduction to and information about God, but obtained welcome as full heirs of God.

As you can see, it is a very deep theological text. It expresses the mystery of the incarnation. God becomes human, assuming the temporality and limitation of humanity in order to create unlimited and infinite people. God becoming human, in order to reproduce humanity into the very image of God.

We sing with joy about the presence of Jesus among us, among our communities. While celebrating the mystery of Christ´s Incarnation, we must send an invitation, a call, or even a cry to everyone to: Come! Come because the Baby Jesus is waiting for all of us! Come because something terrifically good is prepared for all of us!

Our invitation on this glorious day is intended to reach all humanity. First, to those who are thinking about and looking to establish Peace in this world! Second, our invitation is to those who work and suffer because they are trying to establish Peace in this world!


Our invitation is to come and find the good news that Christmas is announcing to everyone. That the prosperity and the peace; the good conscience and the law of love; the fraternity and sorority; the solidarity and the collaboration, are all presents that Christmas is bringing for us.


On behalf of MCC, on this Christmas Day, I want to express to those who do not know us; who do not understand us; to those who even think that we are useless, unnecessary and mistakes of nature; to those who are against us and believe they are doing good by hating us, we must greet all of them with the gifts of hope and love, and let them know that we will pray for their continued well-being.


MCC’s commitment is to Transform Ourselves as We Transform the World, and now more than ever, we want to be side by side with all of those who are working to establish dignity for all and peace in every corner of our earth.


P. S.


I need to confess this is not my favorite holiday of the year, and the main reason is that in my theological imaginary, Easter is the central celebration that brings the hope and light into our Christian lives. Christmas, from my perspective, has been stolen from the church by the consumerist world.


I add my spirit to all the people who use their spirits, to remind us that Christ is the reason for the season.



Now, a little more inclusively,

Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raising,
Let all within us praise your holy name
Christ is our God! Oh, praise Your name forever!
Your power and glory evermore proclaim
Oh night divine, oh night, oh night divine!

May the power of the One who grew up to turn over tables of injustice, heal every disease, and connect us to all that is divine, good and holy, this night.


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