A Pastoral Message from MCC Moderator on Current Changes

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Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston Headshot

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator
Metropolitan Community Churches
29 October 2019

Dear People of God,

Thank you for your patience and prayers as the staff, Governing Board, and I work together on our new organisational structure. The staff members of MCC continue to show grace, generosity of spirit, and professionalism as we go through significant change.

Shortly you will receive a letter from the Governing Board, outlining which staff will be leaving. There are no easy decisions in this sort of process, and these changes are no reflection on the individuals concerned. Please take the time to show your appreciation for all the ways that these colleagues have supported you in your ministry. (Contact information will follow in the next announcement.) God has a calling for each one of these gifted people, so please keep them and their families in your prayers as they discern the new opportunities that await them.

I know that you may have all sorts of questions and concerns. Some of you may be skeptical that anything new is really going to happen. Others may be experiencing a range of emotions, based on previous experiences. Many of us have gone through processes like this before, and it can affect us in ways we may not anticipate. Please take time to find support, if this is true for you.

This time of change brings loss. It also brings possibility and opportunity. We are called to transform the world through God’s radically inclusive love. We are called to give hope to the hopeless and voice to the voiceless. I truly believe, and have heard confirmed from places all over the world, that MCC’s ministry is needed now more than ever.  We are at the beginning of the next phase of our journey as MCC. Over the next few weeks, I will share the new staffing structure with you, and talk more about my vision for how we can be MCC in this amazing and ever-changing world. God has work for us to do, and I am so privileged to be doing this work with you.

Also,please see this brief video message I created for you, and feel free to share it with your churches and communities of faith.


God bless,

Reverend Elder Cecilia Eggleston
Metropolitan Community Churches