A Pastoral Letter to the General Conference

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Regarding the Moderator Nominating Committee’s
Slate of Candidates

1 February 2016

Dear Lay and Clergy Delegates to General Conference, and MCC Friends around the World:

As we move towards Victoria, we know this is a powerful moment, a historical conference for Metropolitan Community Churches. It will be an amazing time of inspiring worship, connection, and decision-making.

Before the last General Conference, the Governing Board appointed a very qualified Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC). All along they have been transparent about Moderator criteria, qualifications, and process. They have invited everyone in MCC to participate and have kept everyone informed.

Recently, they released their final slate.

As Moderator of MCC, I support the MNC, the Committee’s tireless work, and I support the slate of eminently qualified, diverse nominees. Along with all of you, I will be seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit and discerning my own choice.
From the beginning, I respected the independent nature of this process. I did not at any time, nor will I, make endorsements or interfere with the Committee’s process.

When the news came out about the slate, I heard from many of you who were just really facing the reality that I am, indeed, retiring as Moderator, and expressing your love and gratitude. I am so grateful for 43 years of ministry in MCC, and hope, after I retire as Moderator, to be as devoted in ministry to MCC for the rest of my life.

Change is upon us. I want us to move forward in an atmosphere of respect, prayer, and trust in the God who brought us this far. I want us to respect the MNC, our colleagues and friends who we entrusted with this monumental task. And, I want to offer gratitude and respect to the persons who applied and to those who were chosen as nominees.

Some are delighted with the slate and some are disappointed. It is difficult to imagine it could be otherwise as this is the first truly contested Moderator election in our history. This is new territory for us. Sometimes we react out of our pain or disappointment. This is a time for us to listen carefully, ask good questions, breathe deeply, and think about the long-term future and spiritual mission of MCC together.

Leadership transitions in churches are occasions for great joy, anticipation, grief, and worry. As we navigate this time together, we need to lean on our faith and one another. And then as we look to the future and beyond General Conference, it will take all of us to do our part, to be partners in this journey with the new Moderator to lead MCC into our next 50 years of life-changing ministry.

Some have already shared the slate in church bulletins, and lay delegates have actively encouraged conversation. Others have asked questions about the process. Be assured we will do everything we can to continue to answer all questions to the best of our ability, and to move forward, faithfully, together.

For now, I call us to prayer and to trust.

Every day, people contact us to start a new MCC, to become clergy, or to learn how to access our churches, ministries, and message. Ours is a compelling story that is needed more than ever. I believe that with all my heart. I see that in your faces, in your churches, in the passionate, daily work for MCC.

Ultimately, this decision is in the hands of the General Conference — all of us who are entrusted with the final decision. Along with our Founder, Rev. Elder Troy Perry, I profoundly trust the wisdom and decisions of our General Conference, which I believe is inspired by the Holy Spirit and the God who called us in the first place.

Finally, pray for that person who will become our third MCC Moderator, and who will lead us spiritually, pastorally, and organizationally.

God bless all of you, and God bless MCC!

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Nancy Wilson Signature
Rev. Nancy Wilson