$68,000 in Pledges and Donations! Goal: $150,000

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A Letter from the UFMCC Finance Committee

10 December 2018

Dear MCC Churches, Members, and Friends:

We are delighted to share the progress that has been made based on the special appeal we launched last month. As of 7th December, we have received over $68,000 in pledges and donations in response to our letter. This is a combination of individual donations as well as contributions made by several churches within and outside of the United States. Clearly, this is a global church effort. Praise God!

Since our first letter, many people have asked, “What will this $150,000 be used for?” An excellent question that requires a response. Our plan for the immediate future is threefold:

  • First, the contributions received from the special appeal will be used to supplement current income to pay operating expenses. Specifically, we will use the monies to lower our outstanding accounts payable, (roughly $33,000) as well as pay for 2015, 2016, and 2017 audits (approximately $45,000). We believe these audits are critical to UFMCC.
  • Second, we want to begin restoring designated funds that were used to meet past operating expenses.
  • Third, we want to replenish our long-term investment fund at Morgan Stanley.

We recognize even if we reach our goal of $150,000, we will not be able to complete all three aspects of our plan immediately. However, contributions from this special appeal point us in the right direction and will assist UFMCC in maintaining financial viability as we move forward to carry out our mission.

We are not closing our doors! Rather, this critical fundraising appeal is the first step in getting our denomination back to financial stability.

Quite candidly, we need to share with you that our expenses continue to exceed our income, so there is still much to do. Church assessments decreased in October ($62,000) from the prior two months ($104,000/$102,600). That continues to negatively impact our financials.

Many people have asked for continuous dialog and transparency regarding our finances. It is the goal of this Finance Committee to do just that. You will hear from us again in January.

In the meantime, we encourage you to register (https://celebrate.mccchurch.org/) for our General Conference scheduled for 1-5 July 2019 in Orlando, Florida, USA. This is a critical time for MCC and your presence is essential.

You can still make a contribution to this special appeal by contacting Marina Laws ([email protected]) or Tammy Erwin ([email protected]) or by clicking the link provided below. We are hopeful and in prayer that we reach our original goal of $150,000.

Whenever, wherever, and however you celebrate the upcoming holiday season, we wish you joy, happiness, and peace.


The UFMCC Finance Committee

Dr. David Williams, Tammy Erwin, Marsha Warren, Cathy Campbell-Heroux, Douglas Berger
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