October 6th

On October 6, 1968, Troy Perry responded to the call of God to preach a message of radical inclusion and love. From the very start, the church, the communion table, and the opportunity to serve in ministry was open to anyone. From one Pastor with one living room congregation, MCC has spread around the world and is still growing!

In the month of October, we encourage MCC Churches to celebrate our anniversary. You may set aside one Sunday as Fellowship Sunday or you might do something every week during this month.

Here are ideas and resources you could use in Worship, on your Website or in your Social Media.

Consider having 2 or 3 or more people in your congregation complete one of these sentences. Share their responses in worship, in your weekly communications, on social media. or all of these.

  • I celebrate Fellowship Sunday because…
  • I am thankful for MCC because…
  • I’m excited for the future of MCC because…
  • I support MCC because….

We are providing three short video clips. Use these in worship or on social media. The clips all begin with Troy Perry but they have different people from around MCC sharing their “because…” Use them all in different ways or use the one that you like best. Each clip is available on YouTube and Vimeo.

THANK YOU to Huey Lee (Lubbock, Texas, USA) and Rev. Scottie Shelton (Abilene, Texas, USA) for all their volunteer work in going through the many clips from 2019 and creating these videos for us!

YouTube Links:

VIMEO Links:

Use these graphic images in your Sunday slides or in your email announcements or on Social Media. Use this opportunity to share bits of the history of MCC and of your local church with your “followers.” Invite them to make history with you!

2020 Fellowship Sunday 2

2020 Fellowship Sunday 3

Fellowship Offering

Traditionally on Fellowship Sunday, congregations have received an extra offering for the work of the denomination. We know that this has been an unusually challenging year as we have all adapted and adjusted to living with a global pandemic. If you are able to receive a special offering for the denomination, it will be greatly appreciated. If your church is struggling financially, then please use these resources and ideas to encourage people to support your local church.

If you do receive a Fellowship Sunday offering for the denomination, please submit the funds with the notation “Fellowship Sunday Offering.” Our address is below. Should you have any questions about how to submit this offering, please contact MCC Staff Member, Marina Laws at [email protected].

Some churches have an assessment agreement which includes receiving a Fellowship Sunday offering. If you have any questions or concerns about that, please do not hesitate to contact Marina Laws at [email protected]. We are here to support all of our local churches.

If your church does not receive a special offering, please consider sharing the following links in your newsletter or on social media in case some individual members would like to make a donation.


Thank you
for all the ways you support being
MCC locally and globally.