2019 Denominational News & Press Releases

16 Dec 2019 MCC: End of Year Letter from GB, COE, and MCC Staff

10 Dec 2019 Council of Elders Statement on MCC as Sanctuary Denomination

9 Dec 2019 Memorial Service for Rev. Elder Freda Smith

2 Dec 2019 Call for Prayer for Rev. Elder Freda Smith

21 Nov 2019 Call for Applications for New Positions on MCC Staff

15 Nov 2019 Moderator and Governing Board Introduce Details of New Staffing Structure

15 Nov 2019 MCC Moderator Responds to Recent Shooting

31 Oct 2019 Junta de Gobierno de ICM Presenta Nueva Estructura de Personal

31 Oct 2019 Carta Pastoral de la Moderadora

30 Oct 2019 Council of Elders Statement Against Gun Violence

29 Oct 2019 A Pastoral Message from MCC Moderator on Current Changes

29 Oct 2019 MCC Governing Board Launches New Staff Structure

18 Oct 2019 MCC Governing Board 30th September Meeting Update: Decisions and Financial Snapshot

15 Oct 2019 Announcing The Appointment Of Velma Garcia As Network Facilitator

4 Oct 2019 MCC Moderator Reviews Fellowship Budget and Staffing

19 Sep 2019 MCC Governing Board September Meeting Update: Discussion, Decisions, and Financial Snapshots

16 Sep 2019 A Letter of Healing, Gratitude and Hope for MCC’s Future

13 Sep 2019 Rev. Elder Candace Shultis Resigns from MCC Council of Elders

9 Sep 2019 Announcing the Appointment of Rev. Carolyn J. Mobley-Bowie as the Central USA Churches Network Team Leader

6 Sep 2019 Global Justice Institute Coordinates Donations to Help Bahamian Hurricane Victims

24 Jul 2019 Thank You For an Incredible General Conference!

18 Jul 2019 Líderes da ICM Condenam Tweets Racistas do Presidente dos EUA

17 Jul 2019 MCC Leaders Condemn U.S. President’s Racist Tweets

4 Jul 2019 Global LGBTQ Christian Denomination Makes Pilgrimage to Pulse

2 Jul 2019 Rev. Bispa Cecilia Eggleston Eleito como próximo moderador Oito novos membros do Conselho de Administração eleitos

2 Jul 2019 Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston Elected as Next Moderator; Eight New Governing Board Members elected

27 Jun 2019 Reflections and Prayer: MCC Governing Board Farewell Letter

25 Jun 2019 UFMCC Finance Committee 2018 Campaign ‘Overwhelmingly Successful’

11 Jun 2019 A Prayer from the MCC Council of Elders

7 Jun 2019 Virtual Spiritual Gathering to Prepare for General Conference

30 May 2019 Conselho de Governança da ICM Aceitar Renúncia do Moderador Interino

30 May 2019 MCC Governing Board Accepts Interim Moderator Resignation

10 May 2019 MCC Governing Board Updates: Virtual Voting, Finances, Transition Timeline, Listening Webinar

30 Apr 2019 Conselho do Governo Aprova Votação Virtual na Conferência Geral XXVII

30 Apr 2019 Governing Board Approves Virtual Voting at General Conference XXVII

17 Apr 2019 Governing Board Resignations

29 Mar 2019 International Transgender Day of Visibility

16 Mar 2019 New Zealand Pastoral Leaders Issue Statement following Mosque Shootings

15 Mar 2019 Metropolitan Community Churches Calls for Solidarity of Interfaith Communities Following Massacre at New Zealand Mosques

8 Mar 2019 MCC Governing Board Expands Protocols to Manage Designated Funds

1 Mar 2019 God’s Love Cannot Be Bound by Human Plans

1 Mar 2019 MCC Moderator Nominating Committee Selects Moderator Slate for General Conference Vote

25 Feb 2019 MCC Easter Offering to Support Be a Gem Scholarship Recipients and MCC’s Global Work

22 Feb 2019 MCC Governing Board Announces General Conference Event for Historic Election

21 Feb 2019 Ein Aufruf zum Gebet für die United Methodist Church

21 Feb 2019 Um Chamado à Oração pela Igreja Metodista Unida

20 Feb 2019 Un llamado a la oración por la Iglesia Metodista Unida

20 Feb 2019 A Call to Prayer for the United Methodist Church

14 Feb 2019 Rev. Dr. Joan Saniuk Appointed as Network Team Leader

5 Feb 2019 $75,000 USD in Year-End Donations!

4 Feb 2019 General Conference Update

30 Jan 2019 Governing Board Application Period Extended

28 Jan 2019 ¡Muchas gracias por las nominaciones!

28 Jan 2019 Vielen Dank für Eure Nominierungen!

28 Jan 2019 MCC Award Nominations Update

17 Jan 2019 Lilly Endowment Grant to MCC for Thriving in Ministry Program

11 Jan 2018 Countdown! 9 DAYS! Governing Board Applications

11 Jan 2019 Your Opinion Matters: Worship Resources Survey

10 Jan 2019 Carta de fim de ano do Conselho do Governo

10 Jan 2019 Jahresende-Schreiben Des Verwaltungsrats

4 Jan 2019 End of Year Letter from the Governing Board


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