2019 Ash Wednesday Resources

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Introduction to Ash Wednesday Resources

Welcome to a selection of Ash Wednesday Resources!
This document introduces the resources plus contains video links and additional resources from last year.

All of the material mentioned below, in addition to other Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Easter resources can be found at these links:

2019 Easter/Lent Worship Resources

Some of our MCC churches have a full, traditional services while others do not hold a service. A few clergy have started offering the ashes and a blessing in a public setting rather than just in the church. We have diverse traditions and needs for this observation, even more than usual.

Included here is a pretty traditional sounding Ash Wednesday service however without a sermon. You could replace the personal reflections with a sermon if you wish. Clearly any of the elements in this could be copied to use in other orders.

There is also a one-page, self-directed observance. For those churches who do not hold a service, consider providing this to your congregants to use for an observance at home. If you have the church open throughout the day, you might also use this. The staff person could meet the congregant and give the ashes then leave them to private prayer using this handout.

In recent years in the USA, some people have started using glitter instead of ashes. If you do this, be sure to explain your reason and intended meaning. Another blended option is to offer the traditional ashes first tied to confession and penitence and then add glitter on top later tied to promise, forgiveness and giftedness. Consider saying “Remember you are a beloved child of God” or “Never forget you are a beloved and gifted child of God” as you place a cross of glitter on the forehead.

Here are a few additional resources you may find helpful.

What is Ash Wednesday – Busted Halo

Video Meditation – Dust

Video – “When I pray, I feel myself go deeper” – 4:48

When the Night Becomes Dark – 3:35 Taize


The theme for Lent invites us to play with the words Give and Take and the whole balance of giving and receiving. This spiritual practice extends itself beyond Lent having led us to and new life in body and soul.

Lent and Easter Resources Available

Resources for Lent and Easter can now be accessed in a Google Drive. Some material is ready for use and other documents are still being collected and created.

With the link below, which may also be copied to your browser, you may access the Google Drive content at your convenience.

2019 Easter/Lent Worship Resources

Not familiar with Google Drive? We can help. Contact us at [email protected] to receive assistance.

As the year progresses, the goal is to create a virtual warehouse of resources that includes your original content for Easter and later for Advent.

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Colleen Darraugh, Seasonal Resource Coordinator
Linda Brenner, MCC Communications