2018 Denominational News & Press Releases

24 Dec 2018 Christmas (video) Message from MCC Interim Moderator

10 Dec 2018 $68,000 in Pledges and Donations! Goal: $150,000

8 Dec 2018 Assessment Rate Change, Agreements, Voting Eligibility

3 Dec 2018 Comité de Nominaciones de Moderador de ICM Anuncia convocatoria abierta y período para recibir nominaciones y solicitudes

1 Dec 2018 MCC Pastor Receives Grant to Study Spiritual Advocacy for LBGTQ+ / HIV+ Prisoners

29 Nov 2018 MCC Moderator Nominating Committee Announces Open Call and Period for Receiving Nominations and Applications

28 Nov 2018 Observing World AIDS Day

28 Nov 2018 MCC Governing Board Application

14 Nov 2018 Fwd: One More Week for MCC Award Nominations!

27 Nov 2018 Eine weitere Woche um Nominierungen für MCC Ehrungen abzugeben!

27 Nov 2018 ¡Una semana más para Nominar a los Premios ICM!

16 Nov 2018 Observing Transgender Day of Remembrance

15 Nov 2018 A Message from the Finance Committee of UFMCC

14 Nov 2018 MCC Nominierungen für Ehrungen nun offen!

14 Nov 2018 Clergy and Lay Delegates Vote to Approve the Special General Conference Motion to Adopt 10% Assessment Rate

14 Nov 2018 ¡Es tiempo de las Nominaciones para los Premios ICM!

14 Nov 2018 MCC Award Nominations Open Now!

13 Nov 2018 Comunicación ICM #2 del Comité Nominador del (de la) Moderador(a)

13 Nov 2018 MCC Fellowship-Kommunikation # 2 des MCC Moderator-Nominierungsausschusses

12 Nov 2018 Comunicação nº 2 do Comitê de Indicação para Moderador da ICM

8 Nov 2018 MCC Fellowship Communication #2 from the Moderator Nominating Committee

7 Nov 2018 Nominierungsverfahren für MCC Ehrungen beginnt bald!

6 Nov 2018 ¡Pronto iniciará el Proceso de Nominación de Premios en ICM!

6 Nov 2018 MCC Award Nomination Process Opening Soon!

5 Nov 2018 MCC Urges Trump Administration to Abandon Gender Identity Restriction

5 Nov 2018 MCC Präsidium Nominierungsausschuss Zeitleiste

1 Nov 2018 Comitê de Indicação do Conselho Administrativo do ICM

31 Oct 2018 Comité de Nominaciones de la Junta de ICM Gobierno y Cronología

29 Oct 2018 MCC Leader Calls for Unity to End Deadly Violence

29 Oct 2018 Governing Board Nominating Committee Process and Timeline

9 Oct 2018 MCC Governing Board Announces Newest Appointments

8 Oct 2018 Special General Conference Business Forum

8 Oct 2018 Lilly Endowment Makes Grant to MCC for over $400,000 USD for Thriving in Ministry Program

4 Oct 2018 MCC Governing Board Updates – Finances, Appointments, Committees

2 Oct 2018 Anniversary Worship Materials!

29 Sep 2018 Comité de Nominaciones de Moderadores de MCC – Primer seminario web la próxima semana

29 Sep 2018 MCC Moderator Nominating Committee – First Webinar Next Week

27 Sep 2018 Two Weeks Until our 50th

25 Sep 2018 Conselho de Administração Amplia Desculpas

25 Sep 2018 Verwaltungsrat erweitert Entschuldigung

25 Sep 2018 2018-2019 Moderator Comitê de Indicação (MNC)

21 Sep 2018 Treffen Sie das Nominierungskomitee des Moderators

21 Sep 2018 Mesa Directiva extiende disculpas

20 Sep 2018 Governing Board Extends Apology

19 Sep 2018 Comité 2018-2019 Nominador del (de la) Moderador(a)

15 Sep 2018 Teilen Sie Ihre Meinung zu Next MCC Moderator

15 Sep 2018 Compartilhe sua opinião sobre o próximo moderador da ICM

15 Sep 2018 Comparta su opinión sobre el siguiente moderador de MCC

15 Sep 2018 Share Your Opinion about Next MCC Moderator

10 Sep 2018 Governing Board Vacancy Applications Available Now

7 Sep 2018 Happy (Almost) Anniversary, MCC!

4 Sep 2018 Besondere Allgemeine Konferenz Umfrageergebnisse

30 Aug 2018 Resultados da pesquisa especial da conferência geral

30 Aug 2018 Resultados de la Encuesta de la Conferencia General Especial

29 Aug 2018 Special General Conference Survey Results

15 Aug 2018 Registration to Vote EXTENDED to 16 August 2018

10 Aug 2018 Leaders, Congregations, and Ministries Remain Key Focus in Team-Based Staff Model

30 Jul 2018 “Staffing and Programming Webinar” verzögerte den Rücktritt des Vorstands

30 Jul 2018 “Seminário On-line sobre pessoal e programação’ adiada

30 Jul 2018 ‘Seminario en Línea sobre el Persona y la Programación’ pospuesto

30 Jul 2018 Governing Board Update: 30th July Staff & Program Webinar Postponed

23 Jul 2018 Memorial for Rev. David Farrell

20 Jul 2018 SPEZIELLE GENERALKONFERENZ In Bezug auf Assessment Review Kommission Bericht Empfehlungen

20 Jul 2018 CONFERÊNCIA GERAL ESPECIAL Em relação à Comissão de Revisão de Avaliação Reportar Recomendações

20 Jul 2018 CONFERENCIA GENERAL ESPECIAL En cuanto a la Comisión de Revisión de Evaluación Informe recomendaciones

20 Jul 2018 SPECIAL GENERAL CONFERENCE Regarding Assessment Review Commission Report Recommendations

27 Jun 2018 Presenting Your New Governing Board Nominating Committee

26 Jun 2018 SCOTUS Decision Justifies Discrimination by Highest US Court

20 Jun 2018 Protect Humanity: Mobilize! Work Ecumenically!

4 Jun 2018 USA Supreme Court Falls for Wedding Cake Strategy, Allows Discrimination

22 May 2018 UFMCC Statement of Privacy and General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

8 May 2018 MCC Organizes ‘Coquí’ Construction Brigade to Rebuild Puerto Rico Community

17 May 2018 MCC Must Fight Oppression, Broaden Perspective

16 May 2018 Announcing the Moderator Nominating Committee for General Conference 2019

1 May 2018 General Conference Promo Rate Extended!

30 April 2018 Social Justice Supersedes Destructive Political Ideology

23 April 2018 General Conference Rates Go Up A Week From Today!

18 April 2018 Holocaust study results call for additional education, religious leader says

17 April 2018 Church Leader Statement on Passing of Barbara Bush

10 April 2018 El Comité de Gobernabilidad del MCC busca candidatos para el Comité de Nominación del Moderador

10 April 2018 Comitê de Governança da MCC procura candidatos para o Comitê de Indicação para Moderadores

10 April 2018 Das MCC Governance Committee sucht Bewerber für das Nominierungskomitee des Moderators

10 April 2018 MCC Governance Committee Seeks Applicants for Moderator Nominating Committee

26 March 2018 Listening Tour Report, Part 3 “Path Forward”

23 March 2018 General Conference Registration now open

14 March 2018 Listening Tour Report, Part 2 “Discern”

1 March 2018 Jared Vázquez Joins MCC Staff as New Associate Director of International Diversity and Inclusion

28 February 2018 Listening Tour Report, Part 1 Released

22 February 2018 Reflecting on Impact of Rev. Billy Graham: God’s Diverse Humanity Deserves Love and Acceptance

7 February 2018 General Conference registration opens today!

18 January 2018 ICM Mexico Endorses Inter-American Court of Human Rights Ruling on LGBTI Rights for Latin America

15 January 2018 MCC Condemns Racist Vulgarity by US President Donald Trump

10 January 2018 The Point Elder Initiative – Feedback Requested

5 January 2018 Memorial for Rev. Dr. James Stephen Burns (Jim)

4 January 2018 Prepárate para la Conferencia General

4 January 2018 Get Ready for General Conference 2019!!


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