2017 Denominational News & Press Releases

21 December 2017 Los líderes de fe deben rechazar Carta de la Coalición Religiosa Trans-Negando

21 December 2017 A Year of Activism, Faith and Gatherings

21 December 2017 Faith Leaders Must Reject ‘Trans-Denying’ Religious Coalition Letter

21 December 2017 The “Point Elder” Initiative: Your feedback is requested

19 December 2017 MCC Governing Board Fills Vacancies; Announces Appointments

11 December 2017 Marriage Equality Wins in Australia!

5 December 2017 MCC Clarifies Misinformation on Social Media

26 October 2017 El moderador interina examina la transición, el conflicto y la nueva estructura

26 October 2017 Moderador provisório examina transição, conflito e nova estrutura

13 October 2017 MCC Global Leader Denounces President’s Executive Order Targeting Reproductive Health Care for Women

2 October 2017 Interim Moderator Examines Transition, Conflict, and New Structure

24 September 2017 MCC Celebrates #BiWeek 2017

18 September 2017 Statement from Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Saint Louis Concerning the Stockley Verdict

1 September 2017 Hundreds of Christian Leaders Denounce the Nashville Statement in an Open Letter

1 September 2017 ICM Anuncia Nova Estrutura de Pessoal

31 August 2017 An MCC Response to the Nashville Statement

28 August 2017 ICM anuncia nueva estructura de personal

24 August 2017 MCC Announces New Staff Structure

21 August 2017 Celebrating the Life of Rev. Delores P. Berry

14 August 2017 Memorial Tribute for Rev. Carlton Rutherford

14 August 2017 MCC Loses a Prophet and a Healer; Celebrates the Life of Rev. Delores P. Berry

14 August 2017 MCC Interim Moderator Calls on Churches to Confront the Sin of Racism and Heal Local Communities with Love

1 August 2017 The Rev. Troy Perry visits Cathedral of Hope (Texas, USA)

27 July 2017 MCC Leaders Urge Defense of Transgender People

17 July 2017 More than 300 people see Rev. Troy Perry get award

17 July 2017 Pilgrimage to Cuba

14 July 2017 What Happens When a Pastor Goes Poly?

10 July 2017 MCC Toronto Elects Rev. Jeff Rock as Next Senior Pastor

6 July 2017 Where in the World is Rachelle?

30 June 2017 A Pastoral Letter in the Season of Pride

13 June 2017 Motion Passes for Board of Pension Rate Increase

6 June 2017 Listening Tour Goes Virtual in June and July

6 June 2017 MCC Leaders Denounce Withdrawal from Paris Accord

22 May 2017 Rev. Troy Perry, Founder of LGBTQ Denomination, is First American to Receive Cuba’s CENESEX Award

19 May 2017 May is Mental Health Awareness Month

8 May 2017 Anuncio de la Conferencia General Virtual

8 May 2017 Anúncio da Conferência Geral Virtual

8 May 2017 Governing Board Calls for Virtual General Conference

5 May 2017 MCC Denounces Executive Order Telling IRS to Give Religious Groups a Pass

3 May 2017 Over 100 National Faith Leaders Join Texas Clergy in Opposition to Anti-LGBTQ Bills

3 May 2017 Council of Elders Weekly Call to Prayer

3 May 2017 Conselho de Bispos/as Chamado Semanal à Oração

3 May 2017 Rat der Ältesten Wöchentliche Aufruf zum Gebet

3 May 2017 Consejo de los Obispos y Obispas Llamado Semanal a la Oración

28 April 2017 Declaração do Liderança da ICM sobre Imigração

28 April 2017 MCC Leadership Joint Statement on Immigration

18 April 2017 Hearing to Start for Karen Oliveto as First Out Gay Bishop in Methodist Church

14 April 2017 Call for Swift Action on Behalf of Chechnyan Detainees

13 April 2017 Early Bird Rate Extended for PAD!

10 April 2017 Governing Board Announces MCC’s Easter Offering Campaign with the Global Justice Institute

3 April 2017 North Carolina HB2/HB142 Threatens Dignity and Privacy

21 March 2017 Transgender Visibility and OUR Call

16 March 2017 PAD Conference Early Bird Rate Ends 31 March

6 March 2017 Metropolitan Community Churches Decries Trans Discrimination


31 January 2017 Metropolitan Community Churches Affirms Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes

30 January 2017 MCC: Prioritäten während der Übergangszeit

30 January 2017 MCC Supports Holy Resistance to Travel Ban into United States

27 January 2017 Afirmando Prioridades de ICM durante el Periodo Interino

26 January 2017 Affirming MCC Priorities During the Interim Period

19 January 2017 MCC Call to Prayer from the Nation’s Capital

17 January 2017 MCC Leaders Respond to BBC Documentary on Transgender Children

13 January 2017 Malestar en México / Civil Unrest in Mexico

4 January 2017 An Installation Prayer for our Interim Moderator

4 January 2017 GB Seeks Members for Assessments Review Commission

4 January 2017 Mitglieder, die für Assessments Review Commission benötigt werden

4 January 2017 Solicitar para unirse una Comisión que Revisará las Contribuciones

2 January 2017 MCC Leaders Respond to Anti-LGBT Remarks by Kim Burrell

2 January 2017 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Call to Day of Social Action and Service


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