2016 Denominational News & Press Releases

30 December 2016 Only one day left in 2016!!!

9 December 2016 Interim Moderator: Einsegung als Älteste

9 December 2016 Instalação como Bispa da Moderadora Interina

9 December 2016 Interim Moderator Elder Installation

9 December 2016 Instalación como Obispo de la Moderadora Interina

20 November 2016 Be a Witness: Stories about Transgender Day of Remembrance 2016

18 November 2016 MCC Interim Moderator Speaks Out Against Hate Crimes

17 November 2016 Religious Leaders Challenge Dutch Reform Church as it Requires Celibacy of Gay and Lesbian People

9 November 2016 Interim Moderator Offers Hope following U.S. Election

9 November 2016 Interim Moderator Reflects on U.S. Election: Donald Trump Wins

7 November 2016 As U.S. Election Nears, MCC Interim Moderator Encourages Focus on Core Values

2 November 2016 Metropolitan Community Churches Urges End to Desecrations

27 October 2016 Interim Moderator Blessing

27 October 2016 Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown Calls MCC to Expand Understanding as Interim Term Begins

3 October 2016 La Junta de Gobierno Anuncia Moderador Interina

3 October 2016 ICM O Conselho de Administração anuncia Moderador Interino

3 October 2016 MCC Governing Board Names Interim Moderator

3 October 2016 MCC Weltvorstand Namen Interim-Moderatorin

29 September 2016 Moderator Calls for Action Against Shootings of African Americans

20 September 2016 Update: Moderador Interino Processo Candidate

20 September 2016 Actualización: Proceso para Personas Candidatas a Moderador(a) Interino(a)

20 September 2016 Update: Interim Moderator Candidate Process

10 September 2016 Moderator Joins Support for Native Americans in Pipeline Dispute

8 September 2016 Mexico: Ending Government and Religious LGBTI Discrimination

7 September 2016 Junta de Gobierno Responde a las Preguntas Moderador Provisionales

7 September 2016 Junta de Governo Responde às perguntas Moderador provisórias

5 September 2016 Moderador Global Estende Gratidão a Denominação

5 September 2016 Moderador Global amplía su gratitud a ICM

19 August 2016 Governing Board Responds to Interim Moderator Questions

18 August 2016 Global Moderator Extends Gratitude to Denomination

8 July 2016 Global LGBTQ Church Leaders Condemn Violence

29 June 2016 Healing and Talking Guns in a Post Orlando World

27 June 2016 Human rights groups call on Orthodox Church to embrace LGBT people

24 June 2016 Stonewall named first LGBT national monument — and 5 other LGBT sites to be proud of

24 June 2016 Out Of Ashes, An Unwavering Resolve: ‘That’s The Legacy. We Never Ran Away’

17 June 2016 Global Moderator Extends Gratitude for Local Leadership in Crisis

16 June 2016 MCC to Hold Worldwide Virtual Prayer Vigils for Orlando

12 June 2016 MCC Global Moderator Grieves the Mass Shooting at a Gay Club

12 June 2016 Head of gay church calls Orlando massacre a ‘hate crime’

10 June 2016 MCC Global Leader Demands that New UN AIDS Declaration Recognize Marginalized and Criminalized People

6 June 2016 First Partnership Award to Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

22 May 2016 Governing Board Prepares for General Conference XXVI

23 March 2016 Review Team Report Regarding the Nomination Process for MCC Moderator

1 March 2016 In the Spirit of Transparency

11 February 2016 MCC’s Marie Alford-Harkey Named Next President and CEO of the Religious Institute


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