2015 Denominational News & Press Releases

16 November 2015 We make baptism available to all…every child is a child of God

30 September 2015 Pope Francis, do you care about LGBTQ lives?

30 September 2015 Will Pope Francis Save the Planet?

24 September 2015 Remembering Father John J. McNeill

21 September 2015 The Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change — What is Missing?

20 September 2015 MCC Moderator Speaks to Vatican Discomfort with Gay Bishop and Activist Nun at the White House Welcome for the Pope

18 September 2015 Global Moderator of MCC to Help Welcome Pope at White House

8 September 2015 Sign the petition – stop the drownings

28 August 2015 MCC Hires Development Director

24 July 2015 Moderator of Global Metropolitan Community Churches Responds to Spray-painted Threat on Church Door

19 July 2015 The Passing of MCC Staff Member Bill Hooper

30 June 2015 MCC Media Event – Marriage Equality

26 June 2015 Love and Equality Win: MCC Celebrates SCOTUS Decision

26 June 2015 Love and Equality Win!

22 June 2015 Historic Metropolitan Community Churches will Hold On-line Media Event on Evening of SCOTUS Decision

19 June 2015 Public Policy Team Decries Massacre and Calls for Preaching, Practicing, and Praying for An End to Racially-Inspired Violence

19 May 2015 Report of MCC Journey in Cuba

14 May 2015 MCC Founding Pastor Presides at Blessing of Same-Gender Couples in Cuba

13 May 2015 National HIV Testing Day is June 27

12 May 2015 International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia Sunday, 2015 May 17

23 April 2015 Conferencia General Especial 2015

22 April 2015 2015 Special General Conference – Voting

21 April 2015 Líderes LGBTQ religiosos viajaran a Cuba para reunirse con oficiales de fe y el gobierno

21 April 2015 LGBTQ Faith Leaders Travel to Cuba to Meet Faith and Government Leaders

14 April 2015 MCC Moderator Congratulates Cathedral of Hope at Election of The Rev. Dr. Neil G. Cazares-Thomas


26 March 2015 Help promote LGBT rights in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia

23 March 2015 Turn out the lights for Vanuatu!

12 March 2015 MCC Governing Board has called a Special General Conference


26 February 2015 MCC Moderator Calls on MCC Members to Help Eliminate Modern Slavery

18 February 2015 Presentación de las personas designadas como Obispos y Obispas a la Conferencia General de las Iglesias de la Comunidad Metropolitana

3 February 2015 Introducing Elder Appointees to the General Conference of Metropolitan Community Churches

16 January 2015 Help make Anti-LGBT “Conversion Therapy” Illegal in your state

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