2013 Denominational News & Press Releases

13 November 2013 Fin de Año 2013

11 November 2013 Year End 2013

14 August 2013 Global Justice Statement on anti-LGBT violence in Russia

14 August 2013 Who am I to judge?

15 July 2013 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Calls for Prayer and Personal Discernment as Zimmerman Trial Verdict is Released

26 June 2013 Moderator of Largest LGBT Church “Freedom and Equality Won!”

26 June 2013 Faith-Based Council Members sign-on to letter re ending human trafficking – Senate and House leadership

26 June 2013 Faith-Based Council Members sign-on to letter re ending human trafficking – Secretary of State Kerry

21 June 2013 MCC stands in solidarity with ICM Brasil – Igrejas da Comunidade Metropolitana do Brasil and everyone in Brazil.

21 June 2013 Exodus ‘Ex-Gay’ movement needs ‘conversion to truth-telling’

20 June 2013 Supreme Court Defends First Amendment Rights Engaged in the Fight Against AIDS For U.S. Organizations

30 May 2013 Moderator of world’s largest LGBT community of faith hails signing of anti-discrimination legislation by Puerto Rico’s Governor

30 May 2013 A Call to 30 Days of Fasting and Prayer

9 May 2013 SCOTUS and a New Day for LGBT Americans

28 March 2013 Metropolitan Community Churches stands with Lt. Dan Choi and Freedom of Speech

28 January 2013 LEAD and OFLD are proud to announce the following candidates seeking their LEAD certificate.

18 January 2013 Obama’s Inaugural Prayer Service Includes Head of Pro-LGBT Denomination
The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator of MCC, to read Bible at inaugural service


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