150 Combined Years and Still Giving

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150 Combined Years and Still Giving

Neither Nancy nor Troy knew, when they stepped boldly into their calling to serve LGBTQ people and be “pastors” for all of us, that it would come to this. MCC has been at the vanguard of LGBTQ+ and human rights. We pioneered the integration of Sexuality and Spirituality, and engaged in concrete actions to radically and immediately transform the world so that queer people (and others) are truly valued and included. That doesn’t even mention our global impact on religious communities – which is HUGE.

Nancy and Troy moved through their fear to courageously do things never done before. No doubt they felt the anxiety and uncertainty that faces all of us — but they did it anyway! In that, they continue to inspire and mobilize us to make the world better.

Troy Perry (raised in Tallahassee, Florida USA ) has been an invited guest to the US White House under at least four administrations. His voice and passion have moved Presidents, the US Supreme Court, and countless other people of power and influence. His witness is, for ALL of us, a charge to use our voices and to be relentless in calling for rights for LGBTQ+ people.

Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson served multiple congregations and also spear-headed our involvement with the National Council of Churches (USA) and the World Council of Churches. She has been a pioneer of ecumenical relationship and cooperation. If not for Nancy’s efforts, MCC would still be a group that most larger and more established churches/people never heard of. However, the truth is that MCC is the David to the established denominations’ Goliath. Nancy has made sure of that … and they have all been changed because of her persistent, respectful, and forceful presence.

MCC’s impact in the world is so much larger than one might expect. That is specifically because of these courageous people who have led us.

Troy and Nancy’s desire this year is to celebrate their Milestone Birthdays (80 and 70 respectively) by helping to fund and support the movement they’ve given their lives to. Will you join the “Still Giving” Campaign to honor them and their legacy with a gift that will help MCC move into the future with power, passion, and impact?

What will the funds be used for?

The goal is $150,000 with $50,000 to be used for Racial Justice training and work, and $100,000 to establish an MCC Endowment for our future.

Give Now

You can donate now, in their honor and in accordance with their birthday wishes at http://weblink.donorperfect.com/stillgiving. Consider giving $15, $150 or $1,500 or even $15,000 if you are able!

Bless these two young, passionate preachers and spiritual activists!
What a difference they have made in the world and in our lives.

Young Preacher Troy Perry

Rev. Elder Troy Perry – Young Preacher

Young Preacher Nancy Wilson

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson – Young Preacher

Birthday Greetings

During this campaign, we will be sharing with you special birthday greetings from people around the world whose lives have been positively shaped by the ministry, presence and example of Troy and Nancy. We will also be sharing some fun pictures of them both from over the years. Be sure to keep checking your emails and watching for social media posts.

Camille Arullo and Jane Syftestad, Los Angeles, California, USA

Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez, Team Lead for Community Development/Network Co0ordinator Guadalajara, Mexico

Give Now

Thank you for your expressions of love and support.