About Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC)

Founded in 1968, Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) has been at the vanguard of civil and human rights movements by addressing issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, economics, climate change, aging, and global human rights. MCC was the first to perform same-gender marriages and has been on the forefront of the struggle towards marriage equality in the USA and other countries worldwide.

MCC recognizes a state of need around the world in the areas of human rights and justice including but not limited to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community. As people of faith, MCC endeavors to build bridges that liberate and unite voices of sacred defiance. MCC leads from the margins and transforms.

Rev. Renae Phillips
Rev. Rick Rhen-Sosbe
Rev. Tory V. Topjian
Rev. Vickie Miller
Rev. Wanda Floyd
Richard Ward, III, Lay Delegate
David Merritt-Shaw
Brother Germany Henry
Cindy Lawrence
Deacon Anthony Harris
Bernadette Blanton
Agaba kevin
Sarah de Rooy
MCC Sydney
Jim East
Sandra Millar
Kathy Coyle
Lauren Bennett
Liz Bisordi
Marie Alford-Harkey
Marilyn Kane
Elder Nancy Maxwell
God’s Acre MCC, Florida
Jackie Gascho
Jose-Joanne Buck Narciso
Bishop Richard Mickley
Marina Laws
Michael W. Smith
Water of Life MCC
Holy Covenant MCC in Brookfield
Rev. Martha Daniels
Barbara and Mary Ann Latsaras
Dr. Susan C. Brown
TC McCarthy
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Sheri Houston
David St. Amour
Matt Roe-Bise
David Bise
Kevin Marik
Rev. Vickey Gibbs
Cassandra White
Carol Kiesling
Tracey Brown
Francisco Herrera and Ely Saul Lobo
Liz Diaz
Jerry Bourgeois
MCC New Orleans
Dick Winkler
Rev.Terri Miller
Rev. Brendan Boone
Rev. Cathy Alexander
Rev. Dr. Joan Saniuk
Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos
Rev. Elder Diane Fisher
Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez,
Rev. Elder Mona West, Ph.D.
Rev. Emily Worman
Jude Litzenberger
Liz and Minnie Colon
Rev. Elder Tony Freeman
Vanessa Williams
Rev. Robert Coates
Tammy Erwin
Rev. Victor H. Floyd
Marsha Warren
Kimberly Brown
MCC Rehoboth
MCC Baltimore
Léo Rossetti
Pastor Luiz Gustavo Silva
Melinda Ludy
Rev. Alberto J. Nájera
Rev. Robert Fleming
Love MCC, Las Vegas
Howard Cook
Jacob Estrada
Rev. John McLaughlin
St. Jude’s MCC
Elizabeth Jensen-Forbell
Elmer Ladlee
FirstCoast MCC
Divine Peace MCC
Beyond These Walls MCC
MCC Paducah
MCC of Baton Rouge
Open Circle MCC
Julia Gordon
Karla Dutey-Amburgey
Kate Woodrow Cheong
Katherine Noll
Kathy Cassoday
Pastor Elaine Rivera
Pastor Michael Jason Masaganda
Open Arms MCC, Hawaii
The Village MCC, Brighton
Steve Warren
Robin Hawley Gorsline
South Gulf Coast Network
Wichita Falls MCC, Texas
Rev. Annie Steinberg-Behrman
Rev. Betty Pedersen
Rev. Bispa Margarita Sanchez De León
MCC Sacred Journey
MCC Washington DC
Michael Rhen-Sosbe
Linda Brenner
Mark Banashak
David York
Marcy MacDonell
Jeanne Scanlon
Rev Paul Mokgethi-Heath
Deacon Bonnie Moore
Deb Kassien
Gwen Templeton
Huey Lee
Jack Hutter
Jim East
Ana Ester Pádua Freire
Dr. David Williams
Ana Tarver
Mike Haase
Rev. Gene Hutter
Pastor Susie Brenner
Rev. Pressley Sutherland
Shelly Foster
Rev. Gordon R. McCoy
Rev. Harry Knox
Rev. Janice Bowker
Rev. Joe Cobb
Rev. Karen Thompson
Carole Weissman
Chaplain Denis Iraguha
Chaplain V. Jill Sizemore
Rev Catherine Dearlove
Trinity MCC, Gainesville, Florida
Michael Earl
Jesse Johnson
Rev. Maxwell Reay
Lewis Reay
Adrian Christian
Rev. Donna Twardowski
Ricky Hollis
Scottie Shelton
Edie Russell
Rev. Terri Steed Pierce
Joy MCC, Orlando
Dawn Flynn
Ciradah O’Campo-Taylor
Rev. Fr. Ambrose Obongo Mbuya
Rehema MCC, Kisumu, Kenya
Pamela A Hayes
Rev. Doretha Williams Flournoy
Kim Martin
Jim Hartoon
Joe Hyland
MCC Good Shepherd, Western Sydney
Orgena Rose
Rev Dr. Neil G Cazares-Thomas
MCC Marikina, Philippines
MCC Phoenix
Milwaukee MCC
MCC of the Blue Ridge
Chad Hobbs
Jude Litzenberger
Rev. Jamie Lee Sprague-Ballou
Minister Christina Lawrence
Stuart Sutherland
Candi Foren Smith
Pastora Isabel Marquez-E
Rev. Alycia Erickson
Rev. Elder Ines-Paul Baumann
Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown
Rev. Katie Cassidy
Rev. Lee Carlton
Rev. Mel Martinez
Rev. Miak Siew
Rev. Michael Cronin
Rev. Michael Hydes
Wendy LaChaunce
Rev. Victoria L. Burson
Velma Garcia
Rev. Ruth Jensen-Forbell
Rev. Richard D. Hendricks
Ronnie Marshall
Sharilyn Steketee
Reverend Elder Cecilia Eggleston
Carla Petersen
Church of the Trinity MCC, Florida
David De Jesús
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Rev Scottie Shelton
Carol Degenhardt
Exodus MCC
Michele Kingston
Mari Thomas
Kay H. Neill

MCCers and Churches in the News

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15 Jul 2019 How the police force has divided Toronto’s LGBTQ2 communities (Ontario, Canada)

12 Jul 2019 Community-wide effort helps fund funeral for slain transgender woman Zoe Spears (D.C., USA)

12 Jul 2019 Interview: Rev. Paul Whiting: New Spiritual Leader comes to MCC Charlotte (North Carolina, USA)

12 Jul 2019 MCC elects new moderator

10 Jul 2019 Church reaching beyond pews to help with disability applications (Maryland, USA)

10 Jul 2019 Memorial for slain trans woman Zoe Spears set for July 12 (D.C., USA)

10 Jul 2019 Blair Cottrell moves to appeal conviction over mock beheading video (Australia)

6 Jul 2019 A postscript to Metro Manila Pride March 2019 (Philippines)

5 Jul 2019 Panhandle Pride 2019 interfaith service celebrates, reflects on community stories (West Virginia, USA)

3 Jul 2019 High schooler’s film about Pulse and other shootings will move you to tears (Florida, USA)

2 Jul 2019 Igreja evangélica de SP realiza casamento homoafetivo e nomeia mulheres trans como pastoras (Brasil)

2 Jul 2019 How religious groups clashed over LGBTQ+ rights at Pride 2019 (Philippines)

1 Jul 2019 Listen: Going home for my small town’s first LGBTQ pride (North Carolina, USA)

29 Jun 2019 Southeast Asia’s longest-running Pride demonstration marches on (Philippines)

28 Jun 2019 Stonewall ignited gay liberation (USA)

28 Jun 2019 The Faithful Remnant: How Christian Communities Supported Queer Liberation (USA)

28 Jun 2019 MPLS Pastor commemorates 50 years since Stonewall Riot (Minnesota, USA)

28 Jun 2019 Igreja tem pastora transexual (Brasil)

28 Jun 2019 Waco Pride Network Hosts First ‘OUT and PROUD Dance’ During 50th Anniversary of Stonewall (Texas, USA)

27 Jun 2019 The Religious Roots of Pride (California, USA)

27 Jun 2019 Healing through love (Ontario, Canada)

27 Jun 2019 Baton Rouge vigil ‘Stonewall…Still Rising’ commemorates 50th anniversary of pivotal uprising (Louisianna, USA)

27 Jun 2019 Brookhaven couple act as stand-in mom and dad to LGBTQ youth (Pennsylvania, USA)

26 Jun 2019 Tracing the Internal Queer Revolution (USA)

26 Jun 2019 ‘I know a place’: 10 safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people in Metro Manila, from clubs to cafés (Philippines)

26 Jun 2019 Overlooked No More: Bill Larson, Who Became a Symbol of Gay Loss in New Orleans (USA)

25 Jun 2019 Meet Father Richard Mickley of historic PH Pride March of 1994 (Philippines)

25 Jun 2019 Bibles and Blue Jeans: How Gay Liberation Came to NC State (North Carolina, USA)

25 Jun 2019 50 years after Stonewall, why so many LGBTQ people are ‘still grieving’ (Virginia, USA)

25 Jun 2019 A look back at the Chicago Pride Parade: 1970 – 2018 (Illinois, USA)

24 Jun 2019 Activists: State Department ‘has abandoned full support of LGBTI people’ (USA)

24 Jun 2019 LGBTQ push for non-discrimination ordinance in Mobile will require city, not county, support (Alabama, USA)

22 Jun 2019 ‘I Didn’t Think It Was Possible’: North Carolina City Rings In Its First LGBTQ Pride (North Carolina, USA)

22 Jun 2019 Community calls for end to LGBTI discrimination on religious grounds (Australia)

20 Jun 2019 QC Unity Pride to begin week-long festivities this Saturday (Iowa, USA)

20 Jun 2019 What Was Your Stonewall? Pivotal L.G.B.T.Q. Moments Across the U.S.

19 Jun 2019 National LGBTQ Wall of Honor to be unveiled at historic Stonewall Inn (New York, USA)

19 Jun 2019 Small Town Pride As Picnic (North Carolina, USA)

18 Jun 2019 Church celebrates Christ, Pride and progressive culture (New Mexico, USA)

18 Jun 2019 A Tour of L.A.’s Gay Landmarks, From Studio One to the Woman’s Building (California, USA)

17 Jun 2019 Ontario legal aid cuts will harm refugees (Canada)

16 Jun 2019 Tri-Cities homeless and the opioid crisis. These forums will look for answers (Washington, USA)

16 Jun 2019 Portland Pride Parade shines with rainbow-colored love (Oregon, USA)

14 Jun 2019 Emerald City hosting first time Pride Fest (Texas, USA)

14 Jun 2019 The courage needed for Pride (Philippines)

13 Jun 2019 Three Years Later, Orlando Remembers Pulse: ‘Our Angels Are With Us’ (Florida, USA)

13 Jun 2019 How Pat Rocco’s 1968 film Disneyland Discovery Made Way for a Gay Liberation (California, USA)

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